Trasys International supports the European Institutions & Agencies in implementing IT solutions, services and consulting needed for the regulatory compliance and modernisation of the public administration.

European Institutions & agencies

In a world facing challenges such as climate change, globalisation, terrorism or ageing of the populations, international organisations need to create an environment that both encourages cooperation between nations and that regulates the behaviour of the different actors. Trasys International provides cost effective IT consultancy and systems to support the implementation of regulations and directives.


Sustain Policy Implementation

This will be achieved by:

  • Providing interfaces for interactive policy making
  • Enabling evidence-based policy making
  • Enforcing policies by developing adhoc custom software applications
  • Facilitating early adoption of ICT concepts
Modernise and digitalise the public administrations

This will be achieved by:

  • Simplifying and standardising core processes by automating them through common IT solutions
  • Moving towards a Common Business Architecture and a common set of tools
  • Fostering innovation and digital transformation by providing, developing and promoting digital enablers (eSignature, eWorkflow, Data Analytics, etc..)
Create the digital workplace of the future

This will be achieved by:

  • Enhancing mobile solutions
  • Implementing the strategy for the future office automation
  • Offering new services such as unified communications and collaboration, encouraging further use of modern and secure collaborative working methods
Create the data centre of the future

This will be achieved by:

  • Deploying a set of IT services in the Cloud
  • Introducing automated, scalable, standardised processes in the Commission’s data centre
  • Improving the network infrastructure and basic hosting services of the data centres
Better IT Security

This will be achieved by:

  • Strengthening the cyber-resilience
  • Providing IT security operations
  • Optimising IT security decision making
Optimise delivery

This will be achieved by:

  • Setting up a Customer Orientation Strategy and Roadmap (Strategy & Priorities, Listening & Building Relationships, Service Offering, Process & Organisation and Communication)
  • Allocating the appropriate resources and skills to the area, allowing flexible allocation of ressources

Services we deliver to
EUropean institutions & Agencies

Trasys International is involved in the realisation of the policy objective “Connected Digital Single Market”. Trasys International offers consultancy services in the areas of business, IT and cybersecurity

  • Our business consultants help through offering interoperability

    solutions to the European public administrations, businesses and citizens to maximise the growth potential of the European Digital Economy.
  • Our IT consultants support the European Institutions to take on the domain leadership role for the ICT community.
  • Our security

    consultants advise on data protection, risks management and access management.
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charles delhaye

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Trasys International provides the international institutions with the expertise they need at the right moment and for the right time. We focus on domains where we already operate successfuly and have a proven track of expertise: Business and IT Consultancy, Architecture and project management, Application development and management, and Infrastructure management.

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Benoit Gortz

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Our nearshore development centre is located in Athens, Greece. It combines well established processes and an organisation with high agility and adaptability. It offers proximity, cultural match, and competitive rates. It benefits from high staff retention.

Our nearshore software development centre offers:

  • A tailor-made approach: delivering the optimal solution with the richer functionalities
  • Well managed software development processes, mitigating risks and minimising cost and time to market
  • An architecture-focused approach, minimising technical risks and securing initial investments
  • Cost effectiveness: combining efficiency, agility and proximity
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Moschovinos Angelos

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Trasys International, as part of The NRB Group, disposes of its own data centre infrastructure based in Belgium. Geo-resilient, consisting of two connected data centres at 30 km distance, and equipped with cutting-edge mainframe and distributed systems technologies, this infrastructure is compliant to the Tier3+ level according to the criteria of The Uptime Institute, the world authority on data centres. Infrastructure and expertise also form the basis of NRB’s contemporary cloud offerings.

Not only can we assist European Institutions in defining, designing, implementing and maintaining their IT infrastructures, our experts can even support them in the conception and design of their datacenter solutions of tomorrow.

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peter hellemans

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Solutions we implement for the EU Institutions & Agencies

Our strenghts

Trasys International benefits from a proven expertise in setting up and managing the right partnerships and consortia to respond to the specific IT needs of European Institutions. We build on:

  • 25 years of experience with European institutions providing intimacy and multi-cultural match
  • A talent pool of 2000+ IT professional employees and 400 consultants working for European Institutions
  • Knowledge of the challenges and procurement practices of the European Institutions

Your benefits

  • Commitment to deliver
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Customisation & tailor-made services
  • Flexibility and scalability

Some of our customers

eu medicines agency
eu investment bank
eu railway agency
internation court of justice
eu patent office