Article 1 – Object
These terms and conditions constitute the only applicable conditions between the parties, to the
exclusion of any other condition, reservation, restriction or clause specified by customers, in the
absence of any express written acceptance by NRB. They therefore apply to all supplies, orders and
deliveries of products and services by NRB, to all agreements concluded between NRB and the
customer, and to all the service provisions in progress that are not covered by a special agreement,
unless a written exemption is expressly accepted by NRB.
Where special provisions of a contract or a proposal specify a point governed by these provisions and
there is divergence between the solutions applied, the special provisions presented in the contract or
proposal concerned take precedence.
Article 2 – Financial conditions
The financial conditions are specified in the proposal or agreement.
In the absence of express provision in the proposal and / or contract, prices are valid for services to
be delivered in Belgium.
Prices for time & materials services are valid for 8-hour days worked during office hours (between 7
and 19 hours). Additional tasks performed on Customer’s request will be charged as follows:
 150% of the hourly rate for services delivered beyond the daily schedule and / or outside
office hours and / or Saturdays;
 200% of the hourly rate for services delivered on Sunday and official holiday in Belgium.
The prices indicated in the proposal or agreement will be subject to annual indexing, automatically
and without formalities, on the first of January of each year in accordance with the variation in the
Agoria index (reference salary – national average). The reference index value is the last index of the
month of September published by the Agoria sector on the date of the agreement or, failing this, the
date of the purchase order. The value of the new index is the index published by the Agoria sector for
the month of September preceding the indexing.
Prices are in Euros. Prices shown are exclusive of taxes, and the legal taxes in force shall be added at
the time of invoicing.