Infrastructure has become a commodity for most organisations and IT departments. Managing it is rather time consuming. And it requires specific skills.


You can concentrate on your core business!

By outsourcing the management of your distributed systems to Trasys International, you can spend more time growing your business. You don’t need to invest any more money into dedicated infrastructure and skills that may be difficult to find. You are free to use your resources where they will generate the most added value.

For some businesses, outsourcing also means simplifying their IT process, which can speed up their time-to-market, as systems are available more quickly. The service models we offer can enable your ICT to keep pace with your activities.


Trasys International offers a broad range of network services, from straightforward set ups to the most elaborate. In fact we can provide access management for data centre networks (Backbone, VPN, WAN, etc.) and user networks (LAN, Wi-Fi, etc.) in a way that is completely secured and controlled (Firewall, IPS, AAA, etc.).

We offer capacity and performance adapted to your needs (applications, backup, internet access, etc.) and to your budget.

We can manage the link and the connectivity between all your physical sites by including options like prioritisation for particular data formats (voice, video and data).


We offer flexible storage space which you can adapt to your needs and budget. You choose the performance level and capacity you want and we assure availability and secure access to your data. You can opt for synchronised duplication of your data on our remote site. By choosing Trasys International, you can take advantage of top technologies managed according to best practices providing maximum flexibility and scalability.

Moreover, our infrastructure is getting the best possible support from our suppliers.


We host and manage most operating systems available on the market: Microsoft Windows Server, Linux Server and most UNIX operating systems such as Solaris and AIX. We offer virtualisation thanks to VM Ware and Hyper V.


We host and manage most database applications available on the market: Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, MySQL and PostgreSQL. For each of these databases we provide solutions adapted to your needs and budget while guaranteeing high performance levels and security for your business’ most valuable asset: its data.

We also offer Oracle ExaData appliances to organisations with a large number of Oracle databases.


We host and manage a large number of intermediary applications that operate between your operating systems and your front-end layer. Our experience comprises all major standard middleware on the market like WebSphere, Tomcat, JBoss, PHP and IIS. We provide solutions to support web applications or ECM solutions at the security and authentication levels required by your needs. In addition we manage ESB solutions that allow secure and controlled data exchange between the different components of an IT environment.


We offer secure data storage solutions adapted to your budget. We guarantee RPO (Recovery Point Objective) and RTO (Recovery Time Objective) that can be aligned with your strictest business requirements.

We use the latest technologies that comply with market standards.


However old or whatever the format (image, video, text, application, log, etc.), we offer data archiving services for as long as you need them and in accordance with the legal requirements and guidelines your business must comply with.

Our archiving solutions are always geo-resilient, meaning that your data will be stored geographically in two different places more than 30 km apart, to guarantee their perenniality.


We offer monitoring and alerting services for all systems we manage and for those managed by others. Whether SAP, Oracle, Linux or Microsoft, we have all the tools necessary to monitor your systems in a preventative way. In fact our aim is to anticipate any performance failure or defect before it even occurs.

What we offer

Our range of services is divided into modules: you decide which services you want to entrust to us and continue to manage all other layers higher up. You will receive a monthly invoice from us with a break-down of all the services you consumed. For every layer trusted to us, we offer you 4 scalable service levels able to meet your growing needs in terms of security, continuity and availability.


Trasys International combines its technical expertise, business knowledge and operational capacities with the products and services of the leading editors of technology in software, applications and infrastructure solutions. With most of them, we developed partnerships in which the quality of the relationship over the long term, the strategic vision and the capacity for innovation form the cornerstones. The products and services of our partners are integrated into our portfolio based upon the added value they can provide to you. In other words, because of their impact on your performance and ultimately your sustainability.